Minimum order value is 100 Lei


8 cream soups per glass + 4 porridges per glass + eco bag from Street Soup.


Try cream soups for lunch, porridge for breakfast or dinner.


The set includes:


1) Pea cream soup 50g - 1 pc.

2) Mushroom cream soup 50g - 1 pc.

3) Lentil cream soup 50g - 1 pc.

4) Pea cream soup with beef 50g - 1 pc.

5) Chickpea cream soup 50g - 1 pc.

6) Tomato cream soup 50g - 1 pc.

7) Spinach cream soup 50g - 1 pc.

8) Pea cream soup with smoked chicken 50g - 1 pc.

9) Buckwheat porridge with mushrooms 50g - 1 pc.

10) Oatmeal porridge with orange 50g - 1 pc.

11) Oatmeal with apples 50g - 1 pc.

12) Couscous porridge with vegetables 50g - 1 pc.

13) Eco Street Soup bag - 1 piece.


* Pea cream soups with beef and smoked chicken are not vegan.


1 min 100% natural Vegan ingredient. Made in Ukraine

Shelf life - 12 months

80.00 Lei



When you need cream soup or porridge by the glass.

When you don't have time but want to eat healthy.

When you lose weight, cream soups have only 150-182 kcal.

When you exercise, this protein-rich product is the perfect choice after a workout. Cream soups contain 20-24% vegetable protein.

When you travel. You can take cream soup or porridge with you on a plane or train.

When you are a vegetarian or vegan. When you're on a diet. When you fast.

Because cream soup or porridge by the glass means healthy, hearty and stylish!

You work at the office, go to college, go on a trip with friends - take cream soup or porridge with you!

Open the paper cup, add hot water to the mark on the glass and mix well. Your breakfast, lunch or dinner is ready! Good appetite! The glasses are made of paper


Pea Cream Soup: dried pea puree (93%), sea salt, dried garlic, dried onion, turmeric, dried parsley.

Mushroom Cream Soup: dried pea puree (88%), dried mushrooms (4.5%), sea salt, dried garlic, dried onion, dried parsley.

Lentil cream soup: dried red lentils (92.9%), sea salt, dried garlic, dried onions, ginger, dried tomatoes, coriander, paprika.

Sour Cream Pea with Beef: Dried Pea Puree (93%), Dried Beef (4.1%), Sea Salt, Dried Garlic, Dried Onions, Turmeric, Dried Dill, Dried Parsley

Cream of tomato soup: dried chickpea puree (85%), dried tomatoes (12%), sea salt, dried greens, bell peppers, nutmeg, dried onions, coriander

Chickpea Cream Soup: dry chickpea puree (92.6%), sea salt, dried onions, cumin, dried tomatoes, dried herbs, turmeric, hot peppers

Soup Cream of peas with smoked chicken: dried pea puree (89%), dried chicken meat (2.7%), sea salt, curry, hot peppers, dried garlic, dried onions, turmeric, dried dill

Buckwheat porridge with mushrooms: dried chickpea puree (86%), dried spinach (8%) sea salt, dried onions, thyme.

Oatmeal with orange: oatmeal (73.5%), candied oranges (11%), dried dates, sea salt, sugar, coconut flakes, nutmeg

Oatmeal porridge with oats: oatmeal (75%), candied apples (9.4%), candied currant fruits, pumpkin seeds, sea salt, cinnamon.

Couscous porridge with vegetables: couscous (73.5%), sea salt, blackberries, dried tomatoes, peppers, dried carrots, dried onions, turmeric, cardamom, chemin.



Delicious and convenient. Very useful at work. I especially liked the tomatoes and mushrooms.



Cream soups are very tasty, every taste will find its amateur for sure, I have already found them and I am very happy with the product. If you go on a trip or if you have to eat in a hurry, but you also want to be healthy - it's a perfect choice.



I eat them at lunch, at work. Eat as fast as you cook :) Stir gently. No lumps. In the glass is a wooden stick for chewing. Very comfy. Benefits: tasty, reminds me of homemade pea cream soup, sturdy glass.